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A Brief Introduction of VIIRC

VIIRC is founded in 2013; its formal name is the Vico Information and Industry Research Center. Since establishment, VIIRC has been working on the spread of cutting-edge science and engineeering technology, and the communication and mutual promotion among academic institution and scholars.

VIIRC is an independent non-profit academic information institution. By holding international academic conferences and thus enhance reputation of VIIRC, we provide a platform to publish latest researches for postsecondary teachers, students, researchers and engineering professionals, creating a perfect environment of sharing scientific resources. Now VIIRC has held 42 international academic conferences of the following 17 academic sectors: economics and management, engineering and technology, information and communication, mathematics and physics, bioscience, medical science and health, earth and environmental sciences, humanities and social sciences, chemistry and material science.

The research institutions, specialists, scholars and authors partaking in the conferences held by VIIRC are mainly from Asia, America and Europe while participants of the conferences comes from around the globe. Authors participate in the conferences by contributing papers. Papers must be unpublished and written in English. If a paper is reviewed and approved by the TPC members, it will be registered and published by VIIRC. The proceeding will be published by world-renowned press cooperating closely with VIIRC and submitted to EI, CPCI and ISTP indexing. 

The keynote speakers, editors of the proceeding and TPC members invited by VIIRC are all most influencial specialists and scholars who enjoy international fame.

For every conference, VIIRC selects the most innovative and forward looking research subject as the lecture theme, and invites world-renowned scholars as editors. Also, the TPC members, at the request of VIIRC, will review every submitted paper to ensure high quality proceedings. Last but not least, VIIRC, along with publishing companies, ensure high probability of EI, CPCI, and ISTP indexing.

So far, VIIRC conferences have published about 100 international proceedings and periodicals and more than 10000 papers, most of which possess high probability of indexing. For some conferences like ICMSB2014, ICMEA2014, and WCSN2014, the success rate of EI, CPCI(ISTP) indexing even reached 100%.


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